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Hello my name is Jeff Heller and I am a musician and songwriter and composer who formed  Hellersongs B.M.I. Publishing with Artists like myself and musician friends over the years  I have been writing songs and producing and recording songs for many years. Now, it is time for you the public to enjoy my musical creations. All this music was recorded with friends who are still around and some who are not. (and they will be missed). Band Names Are: "Polished Blue",  "Joshua Scott Band", "IAN SHELTER" , "TheJeffHellerCollection" "db Thrasher", and the most current band to date " Prior Park"   The music speaks for itself. It is Melodic. The songs are with meaning and with heart. And if you like melodic Rock/Pop music, as most of the world likes to hum to a catchy tune. Give it a listen. These songs are available for up and coming Artists who would like to perform them. and who would be interested to record them. Support The Independent musician / composers.  Thank you.  Interested parties may e-mail me at: jeff@jeffheller.com or TEXT me @ 916-718-6645

BLUE / /  Theme Song Sittin on a hyway , The Castle (Jeff, Tim and Scott Version)  , Original Version of the Castle w/ Jeff Heller, Scott Olson, and Ron Comenziend

Jeff Heller - Early Acoustic  Anthology Demos -  Melodies Can You Call It, A different kind of bad, Tomorrow , Together Instrumental

 Polished Blue , Joshua Scott Band - Live Songs:  Cover Songs  Freeway Jam ,  Originals Looking at a star, our Break Song Music only Exists in Time,  Original Babe whatcha doin to me, Wanting to be free, Long Lost Friend , (Dreamer V-1) ,

Ian Shelter      Song List:  Dreamer- Live, Stargazing , Drunk-n-Roll, I Just Found Some Live Cover tunes!! Ian Shelter doing Foreigner's I'll get even with you, Dirty White Boy and Head Knocker! also Here is cool cover tune from Oasis Ballroom : I Know a Little  and a Toto Cover tune : Taken it back

aaahhh the memories!!  more live songs Lucinda,  & Magnolia,

LIVE-  db Thrasher   MP3's- db Thrasher -  Gizzard Live,  Picture on the wall , Drivin me crazy  , She Turned out the light on me ,Runnin , Sensitivity  

Cover tune (Tom Petty) Don't Do Me Like That

 MP3's - JEFFHELLERCOLLECTION  LIVE Originals -  Together Live/Nothins gonna bring me down,  Cover  Beatles tunes live: And Your Bird Can Sing,  I Saw here standing there - Hall and Oates Cover - How does it feel,   John Lennon Cover - Instant Karma,  Edgar Winter Cover -Keep Playin That Rock and Roll   Right and Wrong

Beatles Cover tune - Slow Down

Jeff Heller - and FriendsMP3's -   ( LIVE  Jeff Heller Collection Cover Tunes):New Girl Now,  Tears for Fears Cover- Everybody wants to rule the world,  ZZ TOP Cover - Rough Boy ,  JHC Original - In may arms tonight DEMO

Jeff Heller Originals: I Can't live without you (Life's Mirror) Together,  So nice to have you here  


*VIDEO CLIP  of "JHC" LIVE Window Media Video 

** VIDEO CLIP of  "JHC" Live Acoustic" Windows Media Video


   Prior Park 

(Prior Park "The Interview")  ANGELFIRE

Originals MP3's : Aim for the heart,   In my arms tonight The Castle One kind of woman,

Nothings gonna bring me down    Bring the magic to me It's gonna take some time Impressions

She turned out the light on me , The Ride C'mon everybody

Jeff Heller  

A different kind of bad  /   Long Lost Friend   I Looked into a Mirror   Melodies

2021, 2022 Music

Life is a passageSearching for you / There for you

You've got to find your love


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PRIOR PARK 'Welcome to Prior Park' (INDEPENDENT)
California's Prior Park is a very classy aor hard rock band, their music has a late seventies - mid eighties feel, the songs are simple and grip their hooks into you from the very first play.
Vocally singer Jeff Heller reminds me of SAVANNAH's Earle Lord, NIGHT RANGER's Jack Blades, HARLAN CAGE's, Larry Greene and PASSION STREET's Rick Cartey, but I must point out that the band are in a class of their own and offer very fine and instantly memorable sing-along songs that get your feet tapping.
Onto the songs, the opening duo of "Once You Get Started" and "Let Me Be The One" are two very catchy songs with some nice guitar work, the nice thing is that Prior Park's music is very real, the production is raw and stripped down which adds to the LIVE feel, which makes the songs stand proud and in your face, these two songs are a pleasure to listen to,
and the more you listen the more addictive they become, especially "Once You Get Started".
On the next track "Aim For The Heart" we get a mix of southern rock a'la KANSAS and aor a'la NIGHT RANGER, I love the lyrical part on the chorus where Jeff sings "GO FOR IT"!!, this is most addictive and very very fun to listen to thanks to the summery southern melodies and catchy versus.
"It's Gonna Take Some Time" drops in pace and this is where the HARLAN CAGE similarities' fall into place, this is a moody piece, a sweet ballad of pure emotion. Prior Park rock things up a little with some cool guitar friendly Americana on "Bring The Magic To Me", this is also a nice song with some beautiful keyboard action. Now then with "In My Arms Tonight" Prior Park deliver a very classy ballad, just close your eyes and let the song , melt your body with it's passion filled delivery, awesome!!
Now then, with "One Kind Of A Woman" the band take on an almost new direction, you could say that this is pure west coast aor, but i'd sooner say that this song leans towards power pop bands like TEARS FOR FEARS and WHAM!! etc..still good though, then we get a very very special song, this is called "The Castle", and wins top song award with ease, and what a magical song it is, a total change in musical structures, as it leans towards progressive aor/rock, perhaps something that RICHIE BLACKMORE, IAN GILLAN or maybe even BOB CATLEY would be happy to record, in fact Prior Park should sell this song to Now And Then Records, i'm sure they could make great use of it for someone like CATLEY or STUART SMITH, or better still sign the god damn band!!
The last song "Impressions", is a song that maybe you'd find ERIC JOHNSON, SPOCK'S BEARD or even GENESIS creating, it's another stunning song that shows a sense of diversity within Prior Parks fold. And that's the refreshing thing about this band, they are not afraid to go with their natural instincts, they could have played it safe and turned out and album full mid-paced hard rock, but instead the album leaves you wanting more, so the final verdict, is simple, great songs played by great musicians, need you ask for more dear readers? One of the greatest independent releases of recent months, watch the record labels fight over these guys!!!

Contact:  email: jeff@jeffheller.com   -  or Text:  Jeff @ 916-718-6645

Rating: 9/10 (Review by Nicky Baldrian) 


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