A Biography of a Musician

It all Started in 1964 - I saw The Beatles - A sound like no one has ever heard before. I wanted to be a musician. I worked hard for my first instrument ( Drums)  Drove my parents crazy, so I started playing guitar and then bass guitar and just before I was going into the 7th grade in I met some other  young musicians we formed a group call " Synthetic Flesh"  Now that's a cool name! Strange but cool!

SYNTHETIC FLESH - 1968 - California State Fair Promo Photo

Left Jeff Heller,  Top Center Mike Halloran, Right Top Dave Helland and Laying down on the job is Robert Bentrup..

Below: Wow... Playing in front of a audience! in a Talent Show! 1968   (Left to Right is Jeff Heller, Mike Halloran, Robert Bentrup Drums, Dave Helland and Jeff Palumbo


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