After Blue the Band evolved in to a band called Polished Blue  with Skip Mullin, Scott Olson, Mike Yost and Jeff Heller and Ron Comenziend   evolved into The Joshua Scott Band"  Summer of 1975-1978


Theodore (Skip) Mullin on Guitar  and Mike Yost on Drums  Jeff Heller on Bass


1977 The Band Evolved in to the Name "The Joshua Scott Band"

Tim Tucker on Drums, Jeff Heller on Bass, Skip Mullin on Guitar, Thom Allen Vocals, Scott Olson Guitar

Below: (L) Jeff Heller,  (R) Scott Olson


Polished Blue (L) to (R)

 Skip Mullin, Jeff Heller Mike Yost, Scott Olson, Ron Comenzeind


Joshua Scott Band:  Skip Mullin, Dave Lynch, Mike Linn, Jeff Heller, Scott Olson

Joshua Scott Band at Sac State University 1977  Thom Allen, Skip Mullin, Mike Lynn, Dave Lynch and Jeff Heller



Below, Joey Alawisa guitar, Dave Linch  guitarMike Lynn on Drums, Jeff Heller bass

 Left To: Joey Alawisa, Top Right: Dave Lynch, Jeff Heller

Mike Linn  - Drums

 dave Lynch, Kevin Gunther, Jeff Heller

Mike Linn, Dave Lynch


Jeff Heller


Unplugged version of Joshua Scott Band   This was fun..!!